Inspired by the need to protect and care for you and the planet we share. Made of natural Australian botanicals through holistic sustainable practices to bring you the best products for all skin types. We use only the most dynamic natural ingredients Australia has to offer. The special use of Australian extracts and minerals have been formulated with our organic oils to bring our customers a luxurious experience with specified results. All of our practices are sustainable and ethical, and cruelty free

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Our passion is simple; to pursue the most amazing and paramount Australian native active botanical ingredients and formulate them into our own products, aimed squarely at all skin types which is both gentle, yet effective even for sensitive skin.

It was time for an update so I jumped in my car to head south to visit our suppliers who because of our environmental philosophy are within two hours drive from home.

Now there are extracts and then there are our next level extracts. We use only the best extracts available in all our formulations, and our ingredients lead the world in molecular extraction.  Our extracts are not macerated and mangled  by being produced using older extraction methods, meaning the molecule remains fresh and intact and outperforming others on the market.

On our excursion, our first stop was beautiful Ballina, and home to Australia’s superior plant derived extracts.  I am still in awe at the amazing range of Australian native plant extracts that are available to us as skin care formulators.  These being the most potent in the world and each boasts a wide range of properties to tackle even the most difficult of skin problems.  Fantastic for anti-ageing, tackling pigmentation, stimulating collagen, reduction in dark circles and puffiness under the eyes, the list goes on. And of course all perfectly safe for all skin types; including the most sensitive of skin.

The extracts are sourced from Australian organic farmers or are wild harvested in collaboration with indigenous Australian enterprises and also certified organic.  The other alluring aspect of these extracts is the colour; they range from pale yellow to vibrant greens and blues.  

Our favourites for our luxurious iGETU Botanicals Face Scrub and Mask are;

Kakadu Plum which is wild harvested by indigenous communities in outback Australia. This fruit boasts the highest natural source of Vitamin C in the world. It is astounding for skin brightening, de-pigmentation, anti-ageing and repair.

Kakadu Plum


Quandong Berry is a striking, shiny red fruit that has recently been recognised by the cosmetic industry for its powerful bio-actives. It’s an allrounder for sun damage, anti-ageing, hydration and reducing pigmentation and is a perfect partner with the Kakadu Plum. 

Quandong Berry


Rivermint grows wild on the banks of our Australian rivers. It is a strong antioxidant and anti inflammatory which reduces fine lines and wrinkles, and brightening. Due to its 6 photo-active compounds it is one of the most sought after Australian extracts as it offers skin lightening and brightening, wrinkle reduction, de- pigmentation, anti-ageing and anti-acne in one source.



Of course you can’t go to Ballina without a meander around the gorgeous clothing boutiques and a visit to the Thursday Plantation, home of everything tea tree and lovely organic food. 

With oils now on my mind I journeyed north to the stunning and forever unique Byron Bay.

There, I caught up with Greg, who is one of the most genuine and fascinating aussie characters I have ever met.  His passion for Australian flora has grown over many years culminating in the establishment of a plantation close to Byron Bay where he grows a variety of traditional, new and unique Australian native plants for the production of Australian essential oils.  He now has the largest range of Australian essential oils in the world.

I smelled some of the most amazing essential oils ever, including the beautiful scent of the Australian Rose, the tree is visually similar to a lemon tea tree. This beautiful oil is the featured scent in our Face Scrub + Mask and gives it a relaxing and alluring aroma. We still wait patiently for The Byron Bay Rose essential oil and will bring you a special edition product the minute they have it in stock. I did get to smell it and the scent is divine.

Another standout ingredient is the Blue Cypress which will feature in all our skincare due to its calming quality; and whoever would have known that there is such a variety of native myrtles which allow a variety of scents. 

The mind races with the exciting possibilities for the future use of these amazing extracts and oils.  Exciting times ahead and we can’t wait to share these wonderful ingredients with you in our products.


iGETU botanicals Face Scrub + Mask

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