Pamela Holsinger - Mar 18 2021

Changing to Natural Skincare

Switch to Natural Skincare for Sensitive Skin regardless of skin type.

Making the switch to natural skincare products is desirable for the environment and your skin health. Everything we put on our skin is absorbed into our body. That’s why we need to be careful with the products we choose.

We all know we should be staying away from cheap skincare products; whilst they may proclaim to be natural/organic, the products have so little active ingredients in them that they don’t deliver any results at all.

We should also avoid products relying on the overuse of synthetic ingredients as they may easily damage the skin barrier which may result in a number of skin conditions such as sensitivity, acne, dry dull and or itchy skin.

Of equal importance and what many of us don’t know is that there are also natural products with ingredients that can cause skin irritation . Some natural products such as essential oils should be used in very small quantities so that they can contribute to great outcomes but also be safe. Harmful skincare products are one of the main causes of skin sensitivity.

Hence, it is important to understand your skin. Do it a favour by reviving it with reliable natural skincare products - even if that means spending a little more. With good quality natural skincare products, you only need to use a little giving you excellent value for money..

Harmful Skincare causes Skin Sensitivity and can break down and damage your natural skin barrier which is the last line of defense against environmental pollutants.

Why is Natural Skincare good for Sensitive Skin

Natural ingredients help restore your skin by soothing irritation and targeting various skin concerns. They also help to maintain a healthy and strong skin barrier.

However, be patient with products as each person differs from another when it comes to seeing results. The opposite goes for nasty ingredients, if any product causes irritation, get rid of it as soon as possible.

How to Transition to Natural Skincare:

Choose the right products Like we’ve mentioned earlier, just because a product claims to be for sensitive skin, be organic or natural, doesn’t mean it is safe. Always read the ingredients and avoid products with ingredients such as alcohols, parabens (Methyl, Butyl, Ethyl, Propyl), and sulphates. Ensure that any essential oils are in very small quantities

Look for Certification Credentials
 Another tip is to always look for credentials on the products. For example, the elkeri skincare range has numerous credentials from Safe Cosmetics Australia including allergy, toxic free, cruelty free, made safe, and vegan certifications. These are great green flags to look for. 

The desire for ethically produced skincare and our back story behind the brand are why the company is actually producing skincare products that are safe and sensitive skin friendly.

If the founders have sensitive skin and it is the primary motivation behind the brand then it is a very good indication that the products will be carefully made. The ellkeri collection has been developed by Pamela, Kristy and Justin after years of suffering skin sensitivity and skin barrier damage from most skincare brands including those that professed “made for sensitive skin”.

Remember, give any product at least 60 days to determine if it meets your needs It takes up to 60 days for your skin to purge, adjust to clean skincare ingredients and regenerate.

Understanding Your Skin's Needs

Dermatologist Dr. Kelly Nelson suggests that understanding your skin and what it needs is a major step to switching to all-natural skincare. Whether you have oily, dry, or combination skin, the ellkeri range has all the right products you need to revive any skin type to good skin health which is the only path to clear radiant skin. It has been formulated to spa quality, to maximize results but be gentle enough for the most sensitive skin.

Use Non Toxic Clean Ingredients

Cleansers, face scrubs, and masks must be made from safe natural and organic ingredients to calm the skin and to get results. This is important because some ingredients are absorbed into the skin before it is washed away. We use natural and organic oils and the best quality French emulsifiers and surfactants which are cosmos approved for organic skincare.

Synthetics can sometimes enable fast results but like Cinderela they will disappear just as fast once you stop using them.

Look for Concentrated High Performance. Bio Available and Active ingredients.

Skincare that is formulated into an accessible luxury product will not only work its magic on your skin but make it an absolute pleasure to use every single time.

The elkeri Botanicals Products

Have the most beautiful high performance, Australian extracts, minerals, clays and oils in high concentration to get the best performance possible from our products. 

Performance enhanced with some exotic extracts such as Bakuchiol and Murraya Koenigii which both have excellent skin smoothing and anti-aging properties.

Nurture, regenerate and revive skin with the best Australian and other carrier oils to boost vitamins as well as nourish, revive and protect the skin barrier.

Has a unique and subtle scent of the Australian Bush enhancing the overall sensory experience when using our products.

Good quality natural and organic skincare is the perfect natural start to renewed, revived, and naturally radiant skin.

Article credit : Pamela Holsinger




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