Inspired by the need to protect and care for you and the planet we share. Made of natural Australian botanicals through holistic sustainable practices to bring you the best products for all skin types. We use only the most dynamic natural ingredients Australia has to offer. The special use of Australian extracts and minerals have been formulated with our organic oils to bring our customers a luxurious experience with specified results. All of our practices are sustainable and ethical, and cruelty free

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iGETU Botanicals - Aug 27 2020

Interview with the Directors

We recently asked one of our customers to interview us and these are the questions she came up with .  Melanie is a customer we love.  She has tried a number of our products now. As it turns out out she is really great at interviewing too and gave us some excellent questions.

Interview with the Directors

-- By Melanie Page

Q:Clearly your product range is suited to people with sensitive skin. Why was this important in developing your products?


"I became aware that I had super sensitive skin as a teenager. I could not wear any skincare or use regular shampoo and conditioners for fear of ugly red lumps and welts. Colouring my hair or using hair spray was out of the question for the same reason.

Because of my skin problems I have been making my own skincare for 30 years.

I suppose this was what triggered our interest. This was the start of us taking iGETU Botanicals squarely down the path of providing products that work for sensitive skin.  After a lot of research it turns out there are a lot of people out there facing similar issues."

"In fact some 50% of the female population identify as having sensitive or sensitised skin … who knew!”

Q:It sounds like you have a lot of knowledge on quality skin care. Can you tell me a little bit about your background? Have you always worked in this space?


"I have always had a passion for quality ingredients and the skin feel of skincare products but have been unable to use them because of my supersensitive skin. Making my own has given me the opportunity to produce luxury skincare for myself as I refused to use the ugly medical looking goo that parades as skincare. My passion grew and grew and I have always had a room full of ingredients to make face, body and bath products.

Kristy has had similar problems to me and her daughter has even worse problems as she has fruit allergies as well."

"Between us we have 50 years experience of curating and blending
natural and organic skincare products.”

Q:What characteristics do you look for in a newly developed product before you go ahead and launch it into the marketplace and why are these important?


"Aside from being suitable for sensitive skin there are some key indicators that we believe make a great face product starting with skin feel.

Australian natives are a keystone to our products. We seek out Australian ingredients that occur naturally in our harsh environment and that have the properties required to address the area and skin issues that the product is made for. Because of the nature of Australian natural and plant based ingredients we are able to deal with many skin issues within one formula eliminating the need for too much layering of skin products and in a lot of cases you will not require any layering at all."

" is also important that all of our products rejuvenate and nourish the skin. ”

"We are also really big on the results. All of our products are crafted over many months and ultimately we know we have a winner when the application does what we set out for it to do. Our products should rejuvenate and nourish the skin, be refreshing and feel luxurious on the skin… have great skin feel.

We also place a lot of importance on smell. We are determined that our products should not only get results but also uplift the soul and transport the user to a wonderfully relaxed place through the aroma of the earthy and floral scents of Australian flora.  They offer a great sensory experience."

Q:What would be your top three natural Australian ingredients for skin care and why?


"Gee that is tough! I love so many.  For the brightest, clearest, most radiant and healthy skin I think I will have to go with the three Australian super ingredients as they are unmatched worldwide.also with Australia being the home of the best extraction method of extracts in the world we can offer our clients an excellent product with bio-available extracts."

Zeolite - Fantastic for ridding skin of all toxins and oxidants. Great for blemishes and acne. Nothing has the same drawing and deep cleansing power of Australian Zeolite.The oldest zeolite globally, being between 100 million and 200 million years older than all other zeolites in the world. Due to its unique formation it also does not contain dissolved salts which means it does not require to be leached out as is the case with all other zeolites making Australia's 100% natural.

Mountain Pepper Berry - This super antioxidant is the most powerful plant based source of antioxidant and is known that it is a more potent source of antioxidant than Vit E and Blueberries. It also has powerful anti inflammatory, anti acne and skin conditioning properties. Additionally it supports Vitamin C and collagen production.this plant is perfect for combatting all signs of ageing. It fights the free radicals that result in dull, dry looking skin to leave your skin looking bright, refreshed with a youthful glow! It really is a superhero with the most amazing natural powers.

Kakadu Plum - Another Australian Super-ingredient, it has the most Vitamin C in any known plant world wide. It contribute to, photo-protection from UV A/B damaging light, significant skin hydration, potent anti-aging, anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory activity, anti-wrinkle and skin benefits, stimulated growth of collagen in skin, intensifies antioxidant activity of vitamin C, strengthens capillaries reducing dark circles and puffiness under the eyes. It also encourages skin elasticity and suppleness in aged skin, reduces collagen breakdown and inflammation which leads to coarsening of skin, protects against UV.

" WIth Australia also being the home of the best extraction method  in the world we can offer our clients an excellent product with the absolute best bioavailable extracts”

Q:I notice your products are certified vegan and certified toxic free as well as utilising mostly organic ingredients. What was the motivation for this and where do you see the greatest opportunity for Australian organic products?


"The level of active ingredients in Australian botanicals is arguably the best in the world. The extraction techniques used in Australia for its extracts are also the best in the world, giving us bioavailable extracts that retain their viability for at least 12 months once the products are opened."

" Our products are about sensitive skin and clean beauty. Our certifications  support and provide confidence to our clients that we are committed to delivering on our promises.”

Q:The face scrub was your first product released. Can you describe how to use this correctly and how it makes you feel after using it?


"The Detoxifying and Brightening Face Scrub and Mask is a treatment product, it is at the heart of this skincare range and is quite versatile. Forget about having separate scrubs and masks for this and that, this product does it all.

To get a great result you only need to use half a teaspoon of product. You must always dampen your skin with tepid to warm water before application.

I use a little cocktail spoon to dip into the jar. Then using either the brush or my fingers I scrub the gorgeous jojoba spheres gently onto my damp skin to help remove the dead skin cells. I give my skin a gentle scrub whilst applying the product, leave it on for 15 minutes and then I wet my hands and dampen the mask again and give it another gentle scrub to slough off any remaining dead skin cells. You can also work the product down to the neck and decolletage to give them a gentle scrub before rinsing. I then use tepid water to rinse the product from my face and finish off with a damp washer to gently remove any remaining product.

Just do what you enjoy and love the experience."

" I recommend taking the time to read a book or for the ultimate taking a soak in a pre-run bath to fully relax, enjoying the scent of the mask with the heat from the water relaxing your muscles.. a truly cosmic experience."

Q:Is there a perfect self pampering ritual? What is the best way to use your products as a complete range?


I think everyone is different therefore the perfect pampering ritual can be different for every person.

For me it is cleanse, scrub, serum and or moisturise.

Also moisturise does not necessarily mean a moisturising lotion, it can mean an oil. Depending on your skin type and the time of the year, our hydrating serum may be all you need because it contains a dry oil, a significant amount of native extracts and will provide a barrier to the elements.

Remember there is a limit to what your skin can absorb. Overdoing it is a waste and can cause skin congestion, clogging and break-outs."

Article credit : Justin Holsinger

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