Listen to your skin.

Listen to your skin.

I have had sensitive skin all my life I have spent a lot of time observing my skin. If I am dehydrated, I can see little fine crepe like lines appear on my face, if I have not been sleeping, I see dark smudges around my eyes. I even see sun damage appear on my skin when it is barely visible. I could draw a map of every mark on my face, because I am so familiar with my skin.

Now more than ever, with the stress of COVID 19 and wearing surgical masks causing breakouts and blemishes, my friends, family and customers here in Australia and around the world are experiencing a rise in sensitivity issues.

My advice to you is to allow your skin speak to you. So, whether you have sensitive skin, oily skin or in fact any skin type, the pores of your skin need to be clean, hydrated and moisturised.

If you are wearing masks day in day out, neglecting your skin, consuming too much caffeine or partaking in a drink or two too many, then it will be showing up on your skin.

So what to do if your skin is not looking its best;

Firstly, drink a lot of water and feed your body with some healthy food.

Then, reach for our Detoxifying and Brightening Face Mask + Scrub which will not only clean the debris from your skin, because of the zeolite, beautiful oils and minerals in the product it will breath life back into your skin.

Face scrub and mask

Lastly, add our Reviving Facial Elixir and your skin will drink it up.

Voila! or as we would say in English "Hey Presto!" Great Looking Skin

Your skin will be left, smooth and radiant and you will be able to face the world with the confidence that your skin looks great.

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