Get Kissed by Nature Australian Style - Talking Kaolin and Minerals

Get Kissed by Nature Australian Style - Talking Kaolin and Minerals

 iGETU Botanicals has developed our own special blend of Australian clays and minerals to bring their added benefits to our Face Scrub + Mask.  

Kaolin (clay) masks works like a sponge soaking up everything that is clogging your pores.  Once the mask is applied it will start to dry.  During the drying process it will tighten your pores as it soaks up any excess oils that clog your skin.  It is this process that gives the creates the appearance of smaller pores.

Zeolite on the other hand looks like Kaolin but it is a natural mineral made up mostly of silica, which is the third most abundant trace element in the human body.  Australian zeolite is over 200 million years older than any other zeolite in the world, and unlike all other zeolites it does not contain dissolved salts making it unique and very special indeed. The unique honeycomb shaped molecules work to draw and trap the pollutants from the skin and pushes the nutrients from the active botanicals into the skin.

Australia is a playground with all of these amazing ingredients in our backyard, check this out;

White and Ivory Kaolins are rich in mineral salts and the gentlest of the Kaolins making them ideal for all skin types especially sensitive, dry and mature skins.  

Green clay is the strongest of all the Australian clays and is excellent for detoxifying and oily and acne prone skin.  The minerals in this clay help to rebalance oil flow, strengthen skin and aid with repairing scars.

Red Australian clay has a high content of iron and essential minerals making it the queen of Australian clays when it comes to regenerating the epidermis of the skin creating softened and conditioned skin that is bright and generates a healthy glow. A bonus is that red clay will not leave your skin feeling too tight.

Yellow Australian clay is great for gently exfoliating and cleansing your skin, toning and strengthening connective tissues, stimulating blood circulation, drawing out toxins & superfluous fat, and hydrating, nourishing & feeding your skin, without leaving it feeling dry or tight. 

Australian Bentonite clay is naturally formed from volcanic ash. It is known for its anti-ageing  properties as it neutralises free radicals.  It helps to reduce blotches, pigmentation and restore the natural pH of the skin. It helps regulate sebum and restore a healthy glow.  

Zeolite is  one of nature’s few negatively charged minerals which allows Zeolite to swap its healthful, negatively charged minerals for any positively charged contaminants. In simple terms it takes away the bad stuff and replaces it with the good stuff.

It removes pollution by deeply cleansing, purifying and detoxifying your skin, unclogging and refining your pores and eliminating free radicals.

Zeolite has the ability to absorb, store and neutralise toxins. It removes pollution,  deeply cleansers, purifies and detoxifies your skin, unclogging and refining your pores and eliminating free radicals.

These fabulous ingredients contribute to the WOW factor of our Face Scrub + Mask

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