Pamela Holsinger - Oct 23 2020

Why Oil Cleansers continue to gain in popularity.

Most of our traditional cleansers contain some or a lot of surfactants which are traditionally used for detergents or foaming agents and they can be harsh on your skin.
Cleansing oils can be way more hydrating and soothing and may be more effective and less irritating on your skin than traditional cleansers. This means it is a good option for those with sensitive skin and those who want to use a clean skincare product.

Not all oils are the same and it is worth knowing that the oils that absorb readily into your skin such as Grapeseed Oil, Jojoba and Squalane will perform better as a cleansing oil than heavier oils that will not absorb easily into your skin. These oils tend to be a lot better for acne prone skin.

Add to this a little bit of skincare magic and you have an oil to milk cleanser that not only dissolves the debris from your pores but also washes any remaining oil from your face leaving it clean and primed for your serums.


1 .  Use a warm damp washer - gently lay it on your face for a minute before wiping away any remaining cleanser this will also provide a gentle exfoliation from the soft pile of the washer.

2 .  Leave your face slightly damp (think freshly misted) for applying your serum as it will help the serum absorb into your skin. It’s not so easy for your skin to absorb serums into dry skin and you do want to give your serum the opportunity to do its best work.

Cleanse with impact!

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Article credit : Pamela Holsinger